vendredi 4 janvier 2008

Steal this film I & II : vidéo de la semaine #31

Steal this film est un documentaire suédois sur l'histoire du site Pirate Bay , il propose un débat sur le droit d'auteur et la culture du partage de fichiers. Le film développe particulièrement les arguments des utilisateurs de Peer-to-Peer. (en anglais)

"There have been a few documentaries by "old media" crews who don't understand the net and see peer-to-peer organization as a threat to their livelihoods. They have no reason to represent the filesharing movement positively, and no capacity to represent it lucidly. We wanted to make a film that would explore this huge popular movement in a way that excited us, engaged us, and most importantly, focused on what we know to be the positive and optimistic vision many fileshares and artists (they are often one) have for the future of creativity. Hopefully you'll enjoy the first part of Steal This Film (Stockholm, Summer 2006). It achieves some, but by no means all, of our goals. This film is free for you to share, watch on your DVD player, or on your iPod, or show in cinemas. "
Steal this film I (2006) (extrait)

"These are strange times indeed. While they continue to command so much attention in the mainstream media, the 'battles' between old and new modes of distribution, between the pirate and the institution of copyright, seem to many of us already lost and won. We know who the victors are. Why then say any more? Because waves of repression continue to come: lawsuits are still levied against innocent people; arrests are still made on flimsy pretexts, in order to terrify and confuse; harsh laws are still enacted against filesharing, taking their place in the gradual erosion of our privacy and the bolstering of the surveillance state. All of this is intended to destroy or delay inexorable changes in what it means to create and exchange our creations. If STEAL THIS FILM II proves at all useful in bringing new people into the leagues of those now prepared to think 'after intellectual property', think creatively about the future of distribution, production and creativity, we have achieved our main goal."
Steal this film II (2007)

3 commentaires:

Julien a dit…

Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas les sous-titres pour les non-anglophones! :-)
Ca a l'air très intéressant...

Les bibliothécaires musicaux a dit…

Oui, notamment la deuxième partie du film est vraiment très intéressante.
Il est possible d'avoir les sous-titres en anglais (c'est déjà ça)à l'adresse suivante :
Le lecteur VLC media player permet la lecture des sous-titres : Préférences/Paramètres/Vidéo/Sous-titres.
Nous envisageons de travailler à la une version française de ces sous-titres.

Julien a dit…

vu mon niveau d'anglais, j'ai bien peur que les sous-titres ne me soient pas d'un grand secours...
Mais je suis très intéressé par la version française; tenez-moi au courant!


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