dimanche 30 mars 2008

« Hey, hey, hey pretty Dolly » : David Lee Roth, l’interview sur Y!Live

On avait un peu perdu de vue David Lee Roth depuis son départ de Van Halen en 1985. Deux albums solos très honorables Eat' em and Smile puis Skycraper co-produit avec le guitariste Steve Vai. Puis plus rien. La semaine dernière David est enfin sorti de sa réserve pour donner via le nouveau service Y!Live* une interview interactive.
Transcription de quelques extraits de l’interview qui nous en apprend beaucoup sur l’actualité du chanteur.

Speaker : Hi David !
David Lee Roth : Hi guys !
Speaker: it’s amazing, we are talking with mister David Lee Roth. Hello David. Thank’s to be with us tonite . A complete one hour video chat with the greatest heavy glam rock singer of the world. It’s a dream, it’s just unbelievable whaouh! David, you probably know that a bunch of your fans are online just now. I guess, I can read their mind, all of them really love you, all of them want to see you on a stage as soon as possible. They just can’t wait. So, don’t let us in hell ! Our first question is when ?
David Lee Roth : Oh my goddess, sweet Lord ! Hide your girlfriends, caus’ I’m back and starved ! Ah ah ah (laughs). Well, you know, for me, it’s beginning to grow like a huge, a giant, enormous, godzilous desire! Ah ah ah (laughs). Now I’m gonna tell you guys something really fresh, a very exciting project which is just about to be released. Keep on the line and check it out.
Speaker : You just declared to Rolling Stone magazine that Eddie [Van Halen] phoned you a few weeks ago, and told you that he couldn’t get a new tune out of his head. Can you tell us a little bit more ?
David Lee Roth : Ah ah ah (laughs) Eddie was just coming back from France, with a full bag of French music. Eddie is mad of music. He eats music, drinks music, smokes music, he’s like a musicoholic ! Eddie’s a close friend of mine, despite the fact that I left Van Halen, it remains one of my close friends, and you know, this man’s crazy, let him, and he could keep all day long headphones on the head all day to listen to thousands of bizarre stuff from all around the world. So, I asked him : ok, Eddie, what’s this precious stuff, man, c’mon man, tell me what’s this f**k**g piece of s**t, that you cherish more than your balls ?
Speaker : And what was the Eddie’s answer ?
David Lee Roth : You’ll never find it out ! Ah ah ah.(laughs) On the phone, Eddie was very nervous, but enthusiastic too. He said : “French singers are fabulous, they hit the sky. They kick our ass. Forget all you know, let down Frankie, Louis Prima (Just a gigolo), Cab Calloway, Sammy Davis Jr, Brian Wilson (California girls). I’ve got the one. whaow, this man, the french guy is the most talented entertainer I’ve never heard. His name is b-MeNez, he is handsome, has a golden voice, get an incredible rhythm. I can’t understand the lyrics, because I can’t speak french but it sounds really smart like a very deep full poetry. I send you the track called « Hey, hey, hey pretty Dolly » . You listen it, I know you, you’ll enjoy it So, if you’re ok with, we meet us together next week on the studio to performe a cover. My brother will be there too.
Speaker : Oh my God, Oauh ! What a great deal !Amazing ! Have you listened that, guys ? Van Halen brothers with David Lee Roth are on the run again for a new track ? It’s tremendous ! just Tell us, David, that’s not a joke ? And what about the song ? Did you hear it ?
David Lee Roth : Oh no, not a joke at all, it’s completely true ! Yep, I listened the song, and I realize that my friend Eddie was absolutely right. This song « Hey, hey, hey pretty Dolly » really brings a new sensation. You see, maybe teenagers, discovering and listening to rock ’n’ roll in the early fifties for the first time of their life, felt a similar experience, it was clear, something had happened, and times were changing ! You know, I’ m a tough guy, sometimes a bite quite pretender, so it’s pretty hard, but I should recognize it. This french guy tried to gain a complete artistic superiority above of us, just with a single song. DO YOU BELIEVE IT ?
Anyway, we on the earth to learn until the end, so my goal today is just to do a cover of « Hey, hey, hey pretty Dolly » , and to do it well. Perhaps, is just it’s modest work, but it’s a devoted tribute b-MeNez. I really hope that b-MeNez is going to become very popular here in America. My cheeriest wish now is to meet him, and to perform a duet version of « Hey, hey, hey pretty Dolly » with him. You can say I’ am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. And sometimes my dreams come true. By the way, do you know the b-MeNez MySpace address ?
Speaker : Thank you David for being with us tonight, for your gentry and your kindness. And now to please your fans, let us listen to « Hey, hey, hey pretty Dolly » , the new Van Halen cover version.

Speaker : Would you like to answer to a last question, David, what’s up in your mine about the Sammy Hagar’s cover of “The little squeezy rubber man”, originally performed by Pat Sebastien ? Did you appreciate it ?
David Lee Roth : This cover is a crap. Respect to Pat Sebastien. Why Sammy do that with the original masterpiece. It's a shame.

[Il n’aura sans doute pas échappé aux plus anglophones d’entre nous que l’anglais parlé par David Lee Roth n’est pas exempt de quelques maladresses syntaxiques, voir de tournures idiomatiques incorrectes, dont l'auteur de cette fidèle transcription ne saurait être tenu pour responsable. ]

A venir l'interview de Fish (ex-chanteur de Marillion) et d'Avril Lavigne (égérie adulée par tous les punk rockers).
Y!Live = Yahourt !Live

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